Studio Policy

Bowling Music Studios Policy Statement 2018-2019

Welcome to Bowling Music Studios. The following is a list of student and parent expectations while enrolled in this studio. The purpose of these policies is to help provide the highest quality music instruction possible.

  1. Tuition is due and payable on the first lesson each month for private students and class students.

  2. Tuition may be paid by cash, credit or debit card, automatic bank deduction, or check payable to Bowling Music Studios and may either be brought to the lesson or sent by mail. The studio will provide a statement at the beginning of each month listing charges for tuition, music purchases, and payments made during previous months. William Pontius is the studio accountant (husband of Dr. Bowling).

  3. No refunds or credits will be given for missed or cancelled lessons. Make-up lessons are not available. Regular, consistent instruction is essential for musical progress. Please understand that the faculty are paid for their time regardless of whether or not the student attends. Your time slot is held open for you if you cannot attend, and must be paid for. In the event of a missed lesson, please call your teacher in advance. On some occasions, lessons can be switched with other students, if the teacher knows far enough ahead of time. Teachers make an effort to do this. If the instructor misses a lesson due to illness or some unforeseen event, you will not be charged. This will show on your next month’s statement.

  4. Class piano students are committed to paying for the full quarter period, either fall, winter, or spring quarter. Please know you are responsible for the full fee on the first lesson of the quarter unless other arrangements have been made. If a student drops out of the class midway they are still responsible for the full quarter. We turn students away every quarter because classes fill quickly. Your spot has been reserved over other possible applicants.

  5. Private piano students and class piano students and all other music students must notify the instructor two weeks in advance, if they are discontinuing lessons.

  6. Parents of students eighteen years and younger are expected to attend at least fifty% of the lessons. As students mature (junior high-high school) it is recommended that parents only come to 50% of the lessons, not all of the lessons. This makes a tremendous difference in the progress of your child. Class piano parents should come 5 minutes BEFORE the official end of class to hear a summary of the hour. Parents are not allowed to sit in on piano classes (vs. private lessons) as it is too crowded and disruptive to the entire class.

  7. Please be careful turning into the studio as Chico Way is hazardous. Park headlights in towards the rock wall at 7217 and use the full driveway at 7177. No one should have to park on the street.

  8. All students must wait inside the studio until their parents pick them up. No students are allowed to wait by the highway!

  9. If you arrive early, please wait quietly out of respect for your fellow students.

  10. All students must notify the instructor to obtain permission in advance of all performances, competitions, auditions, masterclasses, etc. Proper preparation and readiness will be determined by the instructor.

  11. If the student has a fever, please keep him/her at home. We do not want to spread germs!

If there are questions, please contact Dr. Bowling at (360) 990-5302.

Thank You!