Class Piano Program

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Bowling Music Studios offers a class piano program “on wheels” for children and adults of all skill levels.  The “Music Mobile” contains eight state-of-the-art Yamaha digital pianos which are networked together.  Students can play in selected groups or individually. Classes focus on the correct fundamentals of good pianism in addition to ensemble training. The Yamaha S08’s can be programmed for over 780 sounds. There is a secondary class piano facility which will also be used for the classes in the main Bowling Music Studios studio. It contains 9 digital pianos and two grand acoustic pianos. All classes taught by Dr. Bowling.

The 36 foot Thomas bus is safely parked on Bowling Music Studios property. New classes begin soon. (Dr. Bowling has on-going classes of students who have studied and played together since the year 2000!) Creating music together sharpens motor skills, enhances memory, reduces stress and is a remarkable way to develop new friendships. Class size is limited to eight students. It’s a fantastic way to start your musical journey!

Courses Offered

Children’s Beginning class piano

No previous musical training required. Subjects covered are note reading, rhythm, ear training, ensemble playing, technique and solo repertoire. Time is given individually to each student along with skill development as a group. Classes are one hour in length once a week.

Children’s Intermediate class piano

Students have had two or more years of musical training on the piano. Emphasis will be on more advanced repertoire, technique, and ensemble playing. Classes are one hour in length and meet once a week.

Adult Beginning and Advanced Class Piano

Please contact the studio for times at 360-990-5302 or via the contact form!