We are so thankful and indebted to you for opening the world of music to our family through the excellent piano instruction our children have received and for the hours upon hours of listening enjoyment we have enveloped ourselves in over the years. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into each one of us.
– Judy and Family

I used to have a problem with depression. Seemed that whenever I came home from work, I’d immediately get depressed just a little bit, just enough to keep me from having any enthusiasm about anything. Instead of working around the house and getting projects done, I’d go sit in the corner and grow mold. This went on for years. Then I went to piano class. And when I came home from class there was no depression. I sat down at the piano and worked on my first lesson, and it was like a little Window of Happiness opened above me and chased the shadows away. Ever since then I have not had a single day of depression. Thank you!
– Adult student

Amid the chaos, there is music. Today, there is speak of war, pandemic, guns, political polarity, social injustice, global warming, animal extinction. Kids are bombarded with negativity, and they often find refuge in video games. As parents, we try not to necessarily shield nor shelter them from reality but provide them with the ability to contend, adjust, and manage their worlds. Music is one of those powerful tools. It not only provides joy, but it also gives discipline, maturity, diversity, creativity, and, at times, escape.

Sitting in on the adjudication, I found myself reliving fond moments with my piano teacher. The care and passion you have for your students is obvious, and the respect my kids have for you is equally apparent. My boys are quite typical – rambunctious, feverishly energetic, and raucous. The love you have of music and piano cascades onto them, and their piano practice time may be the only time we as parents get a respite from their “energy”.

You have lifted them. You have given milestones and guideposts that let them thrive but also leeway to wander and wonder. You embody what educators do – push, enlighten, guide, encourage, and love – and right here in Kitsap! You erect our sons so that they can reach their highest. You are a torchbearer, and you shine so brightly. My kids love you so very much and we are so fortunate to have you.

With much appreciation,
– Jim

I wouldn’t have made it without you, Dr. Bowling! You taught me to never give up on a piece of music, even if I didn’t like it (which was sometimes the case!), to keep my fingers curved, to always practice, and to somehow make a personal and emotional connection to everything I play, and everything I do. I so appreciate the strong foundation you gave me.
– Jared

Superb teaching, superb musicianship. Your students show extremely detailed thorough preparation musically and pianistically. They also demonstrate an understanding of the composition they perform as well as personal involvement in their music making. I wish you continued success in your outstanding work.
– Professor Leonard Richter

I really love being with the group. They’re encouraging. It’s wonderful to see the different levels of skill and playing and the accomplishments of each of us. On the private side, I wanted to learn theory. I had been a music major, a clarinetist years and years ago. I really like the challenge; the goal is a piece of music. To really play it slowly, count out loud, sing with it, really get acquainted with it until the music does what its supposed to do (which is to provide beauty) is a great goal!

Music has always been a part of my life. I had a big break when I was working and traveling. So, when I retired, I was looking forward to coming back and picking up the piano. And, of course it was the reputation of Bowling Studios in Kitsap county that intrigued me. It’s just incredible. I felt honored to be accepted into the studio. I started in the class piano program for one year and now I take private lessons with Irene. It’s great. She’s very encouraging and she never forces you. I just feel very comfortable.

Irene, we are so thankful to discover your studio a few years back! You are a top notch teacher, competitive and compassionate, striving to help all of your students reach their full musical potential. You have an intuition that helps unlock a student’s understanding, a kindness, firmness and devotion that is unparalleled. Thank you for all you do! You have helped me expand my own abilities much more quickly than all the years I tried to learn, with little progress. My children love you and are progressing quickly too…I can hardly keep up with them!! Thanks again.
Joseph and Michelle

Dr. Bowling has been such a positive influence in my children’s lives through elementary and high school. She brings such a wealth of knowledge to her instruction, and she is able to unlock potential in all of her students. I love teachers who “set the bar higher” and watch as young minds rise to that expectation. Dr. Bowling is a master at this, and she is truly interested in the full development of her students. In addition to learning music, my children have learned how to be excellent listeners and audience members through our affiliation with the studio. I am very pleased that I chose Bowling Music Studios for my children’s music education. I recommend Bowling Music Studios to everyone interested in quality music instruction.

I wish all my kids’ teachers and professors were like Dr. Bowling. She inspires her students! She sets clear expectations, and meets her students on the level at which they desire to work. Our student has not only thrived under her tutelage but has applied all the good lessons learned at the Bowling Studios to all aspects of her life. She knows how to pace herself, she is always prepared, she is always well practiced, confident, and secure! Dr. Bowling offers countless opportunities for her students’ development, preparing them for Adjudications, Recitals, and Competitions. After our student auditioned for several colleges, she was offered many scholarships, including a Full-Ride scholarship at the University she is attending! Thank you Dr. Bowling!
Lucrecia and David

Dr. Bowling has been an excellent piano teacher (and friend) and I highly recommend her to my friends. One of the qualities that stands out to me is the way she cares for and supports her students. She really gets to know them as individuals – their strengths and their weaknesses – and challenges them to higher goals and accomplishments than they thought they could do, but, she doesn’t leave them to do it alone. She is right there encouraging them each step of the way. She goes out of her way to help them achieve their goals. She has been a great teacher for my advanced students! Teaching piano is not just a business for Dr. Bowling – it is a passion – and her enthusiasm is contagious! : )

Our seven year old son is learning to speak through his hands and through the creativity that Dr. Bowling has helped him to develop over the last two years. Not only has he learned this new language, but music has allowed him to gain confidence in all that he does on a regular basis. We are very grateful to Dr. Bowling for her patience and her attentiveness to our son.
The Jones Family

Some of my children had studied piano for several years before studying with Dr. Bowling and some were brand new to piano instruction. In the 11 months of study my children have received instruction that has enabled them to be more attentive to detail, to be more thorough in rhythm (which I love Dr. Bowling’s quote, “Fix the rhythm you fix much!”). They’ve been reminded of the importance of honor to those that invest in them, especially their parents and the responsibility that is duty to the investment made in them. And they have been challenged to go beyond what they thought they could do. Because of Dr. Bowling’s loving determination for each child, I have seen skills increase dramatically, determination and endurance instilled and wisdom gained in the use of the piano. We look forward to another year of great learning!

Three of our grandchildren have been studying piano with Dr. Irene Bowling since 2012. Dr. Bowling has inspired and challenged all 3 of them. They have not only learned to play the piano and develop a passion for music, but they know how to read music which has helped my granddaughter in dance and helped all 3 with their music classes at school and singing. Dr. Bowling is very passionate and experienced but also is very patient and understanding. She truly cares about her students. I cannot say enough of how fortunate we are to have her teach our grandchildren. We highly recommend Dr. Bowling to any music student!